Bergman Seals

Bergman SealsThough we offer a huge assortment of products, from packing to gaskets to nozzles to couplings, one of our most impressive collections is our variety of seals. We offer a large variety of seal options, including every hydraulic, mechanical, oil and pneumatic seal you could ever need. Our mechanical seals are tailored to the task of at handling fluids which are passed throughout equipment, our pneumatic and hydraulic options work to create strong seals against both high and low temperatures and pressures, and our oil seals do a great job of keeping stationary sections of machinery from being polluted both by interior and exterior agents. All of our seals can be used in a variety of applications and all are of the best quality possible.

You see, at Bergman Specialty Products our dedication to multiplicity doesn't just pertain to the types of products we make available, but the range of options for every one of those products. We offer a vast selection of brand names. Each of our products is available in a vast array of materials, as well as being obtainable in a substantial number of sizes, from standard to metric to options for machines which are outmoded or have been restored. We'll also repair or replace any seals you might currently have. Whether they've ceased working completely or are just not functioning at their utmost level performance, Bergman can help. We repair all seals, regardless of brand name, for a great price. In fact, our rate are 50% or less those offered our competitors. Call today to speak to one of our friendly, well-informed customer service representatives. Chances are high that we have precisely what you're looking for, but there's only one way to know for sure: contact Bergman today.

  • We'll repair any seal, no matter the brand.
  • Our repair and replacement costs are 50% or less than the rates of our competitors.
  • We offer a immense array of materials and sizes.
  • We carry only the best products in a huge variety of brand names.
  • We stock hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and oil seals of all varieties.
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